Clickfix Loft Ladder


Simple assembly

Simpler and quicker assembly

Click Fix assembly solutions are quite unique and brand new to the market. Throughout the innovation process we were inspired by the vision of a next generation of ladder that could be clicked together. Assembly time can be reduced by up to 30 minutes. The Click Fix system is patented.

Simpelt værktøj
Click Fix 76® uses click assembly of casing, ladders and trapdoor. Assembly is thus significantly quicker and simpler for DIY enthusiasts and tradesmen alike, as no tools are required for the actual assembly. Unlike a traditionel loft ladder (weighing up to 39 kg) Click Fix 76® comprises three separate components: The casing, ladder and trapdoor which are assembled using a click system – where none of the components weigh more than 11 kg.

Nem at håndtere
Click Fix 76® is up to 8 kg lighter than Dolle’s earlier loft ladder products. This means there is no need for heavy lifting, and the loft ladder can be fitted by just one person.