Clickfix Loft Ladder


Low weight

Click Fix 76® is user-friendly and highly functional

The unique Click Fix system makes the loft ladder easy to install, and its low weight makes it easier to handle and use. Click Fix 76® is up to 8 kg lighter than a traditionel loft ladder.

Unlike a traditionel loft ladder (weighing up to 39 kg) Click Fix 76® are comprised of three separate components, the casing, ladder and trapdoor, which are assembled using a patented click system – where none of the components weigh more than 11 kg. Both tradesmen and DIY enthusiasts will find the Click Fix 76® much easier and quicker to install.


Click Fix 76® uses the patented click assembly system to fix the casing, ladder and trapdoor. This makes assembly much easier. Two people are needed to assemble all other types of loft ladders, but Click Fix 76® comprises three parts, which means only one person is required and assembly time is reduced by 20–30 minutes.