Clickfix Loft Ladder


Highest insulation value

Click Fix 76® reduces heat loss by up to 86% and thus offers the best insulation on the market.

Minimalt varmetabMinimal heat loss

The unrivalled Click Fix 76® sets ground-breaking standards in terms of climate considerations within the loft ladder industry. With its high-insulating design featuring a non-wood hatch and a new double sealing strip Click Fix 76® offers the best insulation and air permeability values on the market. Click Fix 76® reduces heat loss by 36% compared to highest-insulating conventional loft ladders and up to 86% compared to cheaper loft ladders: making it a highly desirable solution for energy-conscious consumers.

Skån miljøet  Energy savings due to an energy-optimised design featuring double sealing and no cold bridges.

The market for energy renovation is rapidly expanding. At the same time consumers are experiencing improved indoor climates. Cold bridges can be seen when we compare thermographic images of the new Click Fix 76® ladder with a loft ladder of a corresponding hatch thickness produced applying conventional production principles.

Thermographic image revealing many thermal bridges




Thermographic image of Click Fix 76®




Unrivalled U value

In the past it was normal practice to state U values for a window or a loft ladder as the calculated value in the middle of the window or ladder. This, however, is a theoretical value, which does not take account of heat loss from cold bridges such as frames. The actual value for the entire building component should be used in energy calculations. That’s why Click Fix 76®’s U value is tested at IFT Rosenheim, Germany’s leading test institute for construction materials and is the lowest on the market.
Click Fix 76® has an unsurpassed U value of 0.49W/m2 0C, compared with normal values of between 0.8 and 3.66W/m2 0C for other loft ladders. This low U value is particularly noteworthy as we test the U value over the entire loft hatch and do not simply state a theoretical value in the middle of the hatch.

Click Fix U-value

Yderst_taet  This global innovation stands out from other products on the market through its higher insulation values

Click Fix 76® uses a new combination of recognised technologies. For example polystyrene is often used as a high-insulating material – but in the past it was not possible to manufacture hatches with such a high polystyrene content, as it was a bearing element in these designs. This is not an issue with Click Fix 76®, as the trapdoor no longer needs to bear the weight of the ladder.