Clickfix Loft Ladder


Global innovation

New revolutionary loft ladder offering the highest insulation value on the market

The world’s largest loft ladder producer, Dolle A/S in Denmark, is launching a brand new loft ladder offering the highest insulation value on the market. The new patented loft ladder is being launched under the name Click Fix® and represents a global innovation, which will quite simply revolutionise the market for loft ladders.

The revolutionary ladder is the result of an innovative development process involving extensive user consultation.

Three elements in particular make the new Click Fix 76® ladder quite unique:

The highest insulation value on the market:

Click Fix 76® reduces heat loss by up to 86% (compared with uninsulated loft ladders) and thus provides the highest insulation value on the market. This is achieved thanks to a trapdoor made from high-insulating, 70 mm thick material. At the same time a new double sealing strip provides improved air permeability, and the product has achieved Class 4 Air Permeability (EN 12207), which corresponds to testing at 600 Pa, and is ten times higher than the requirements in a pressure test.

Click assembly:

Click Fix 76®’s casing, ladder and trapdoor can be clicked together in three simple steps without the use of tools, making assembly much quicker and simpler for DIY enthusiasts and tradesmen alike.

Easy to handle and lower weight:

Click Fix 76® weighs 8 kg – 25% less than comparable loft ladders – and comes with fitted straps, all of which make the Click Fix 76® loft ladder easier to handle than other products on the market. Moreover, no parts of Click Fix 76® weigh more than 11 kg, eliminating the need for heavy and awkward lifting and improving the working environment.

Thanks to a lightweight design and tool-free assembly, installation can be performed by just one person – leaving another pair of hands free for other tasks. And the patented click system means assembly takes 20-30 minutes less time.

The 36% reduction in heat loss with Click Fix 76® is calculated based on a Dolle Profi, which is one of the market’s highest-insulating conventional loft ladders. The reduction compared to a conventional uninsulated loft ladder is as high as 86%.

Click Fix 76® will be particularly popular with energy-conscious homeowners. Loft ladders are often a weak point in the insulation of a new house, but thanks to the new Click Fix 76® this gap can now finally be filled. Instead of mainly consisting of wood, the hatch exclusively comprises 76 mm thick, high-insulating material.

Head of Development at Dolle A/S, Thorkil Baattrup-Andersen, explains:

“Click Fix 76® represents a simply ground-breaking concept. We have produced a design exclusively comprising high-insulating material which provides uniform and high-insulating values in all parts of the design. This has enabled us to achieve an unrivalled low U value of 0.49W/m2 0C, compared with typical values of between 0.8W/m2 0C and 3.66W/m2 0C for conventional loft ladders.

The low U value is particularly noteworthy, as Dolle A/S now tests the U value of the entire design.

The U value is normally calculated based on the most insulated part of a design – the middle of the loft hatch – which results in misleading energy calculations.

This will benefit householders all over the world.