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Click Fix

This global innovation stands out from other products on the market due to its higher insulation value, and three-part, tool-free assembly.

DOLLE A/S is the world’s largest loft ladder producer, and has just launched a brand new loft ladder: ClickFIX® 76 – a global innovation, which will revolutionise the market for loft ladders and set brand new standards for assembly and climate considerations.

A loft ladder that sets new standards: Eliminating cold bridges and using a new sealing system allow us to achieve extremely high insulating and air-permeability values – and a user-friendly click system results in rapid and tool-free assembly and an improved working environment with no heavy lifting.

Click_Fix_lofttrappe Product specification

Three features that make the new ClickFIX® 76 unique:

  • Low weight and easy handling
  • Qucker assembly with no heavy lifting
  • High insulation value result in material bills learn more

What makes this product so special?

DOLLE A/S focused on the entire value chain in developing ClickFIX® 76; all the way from distributors and retailers to tradesmen and end-users. For end-users the immediate user experience will not differ too much compared with a conventional loft ladder, but the entire assembly process has been greatly simplified, and replacement of a conventional loft ladder with the new energy-optimised product will reduce consumers’ bills.

The market for loft ladders has been characterised by strong price competition, which has resulted in compromises in quality in return for lower prices. Consequently DOLLE A/S decided to develop a new generation of loft ladders which guarantee increased values for all participants in the value chain whether retailers, tradesmen or end-users.

The starting point was a desire to create added value for the customer: DOLLE A/S used the Blue Ocean strategy process and has focused on the entire value chain and involved extensive user consultation.


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